US Maps


China Maps

(1) Shen et al., GJI, 2015, submitted.

(2) Xie et al., JGR, 2013.

Global Maps

(1) Ritzwoller et al., JGR, 2002.

US Surface Wave Dispersion Maps


China/Tibet Surface Wave Dispersion Maps

(1) Phase velocity maps in E. Asia including China and periphery regions from 8-70 sec period for Rayleigh wave phase velocities and 8-50 sec period for Rayleigh wave group velocities.. Maps derive from ambient noise tomography and earthquake tomography.

Author: Weisen Shen(weisen.shen@colorado.edu)

Reference: Shen, W., M.H. Ritzwoller, D. Kang, Y. Kim, J. Ning, F.-C. Lin, W. Wang, Y. Zheng, and L. Zhou, A seismic reference model for the crust and uppermost mantle beneath China from surface wave dispersion, Geophys. J. Int., submitted, 2015.(pdf)

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Link: Shen_China_2015

(2) Phase velocity maps in E. Tibet and parts of South China from 8-44 sec period for Love waves and 8-65 sec period for Rayleigh waves. All maps derive from ambient noise tomography.

Author: Jiayi Xie(jiayi.xie@colorado.edu)

Reference: Xie, J., M.H. Ritzwoller, W. Shen, Y. Yang, Y. Zheng, and L. Zhou, Crustal radial anisotropy across eastern Tibet and the western Yangtze craton, J. Geophys. Res., submitted, 2013.(pdf)

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Link: Xie_Tibet_2013

Global Surface Wave Dispersion Maps

(1) Global Rayleigh and Love wave group velocity maps from single-station teleseismic Rayleigh and Love wave group velocities on a 2 deg grid.

Author: Nikolai Shapiro, IPG-Paris (nshapiro@ipgp.jussieu.fr)

Reference: Ritzwoller, M.H., N.M. Shapiro, M.P. Barmin, and A.L. Levshin, Global surface wave diffraction tomography, J. Geophys. Res., 107(B12), 2335, 2002.

Link: Shapiro's dispersion map page at CU-Boulder